Audited company

We comply with the Codes of Ethics and Conduct

Our goal is to reiterate our commitment to strict compliance with anti-corruption regulations, developing the principles set out in our Code of Ethics and Conduct and extending compliance not only to all employees of the companies in which we exercise direct or indirect management control, but also to our business partners.

Our Commitment

We reject all forms of corruption by applying a zero-tolerance approach to any breach of this policy.

Our Commitments and Ethical Rules

In order to prevent corruption, we will conduct all our activities in accordance with the laws in force in all areas of operation and in all countries in which we operate, in accordance with their spirit and purpose, and are committed to:

Not influencing the will or objectivity of third parties to obtain any benefit or advantage through the use of unethical practices and/or contrary to applicable

Not giving, promising or offering, directly or indirectly, anything of value to any natural or legal person, in order to obtain undue advantage.

Not allowing any facilitation payments.

Not funding or otherwise supporting, directly or indirectly, any political party, its representatives or candidates.

Not using donations to cover up improper payments.

Not soliciting or improperly receiving, directly or indirectly, commissions, payments or benefits from third parties in connection with or arising out of our investment, divestment, financing or expenditure transactions.

Faithfully and properly reflecting all our actions, operations and transactions in our books and records.

Promoting internal training in the prevention and fight against corruption.

If our employees have knowledge, concerns or suspicions regarding any form of corruption, they must immediately report it to their line manager, Legal Services or Viroque Petroleum’s Chief Compliance Officer.
Both our employees and any third party may also send any questions or concerns through our Ethics and Compliance Channel.

We will not tolerate any retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports facts that may constitute a breach of this policy.

Employees who violate these provisions shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures, including, where applicable, termination of contract, as well as other possible legal action and/or sanctions.
We also reserve the right to take any action we deem appropriate against business partners in breach of these provisions.

We ensure compliance

We consider compliance with this policy to be the responsibility of all our employees.

Anti-Money Laundering Certificate

We have contracted consultancy services for obtaining a Compliance System with Interlawyers.