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At Viroque Energy,
we are your energy.

We are your strategic partner in the hydrocarbon sector, and we seek to create long-term alliances and partnerships based on the quality of our products and services that guarantee transparency and mutual respect.

Our aim is to make our experience and training available to our clients in order to develop businesses that provide benefits to the companies we partner with and serve.

Our values


At Viroque Energy we are committed to complying with the ethics and regulations of the sector in order to guarantee and contribute to the preservation of the environment and to leave a greener future for generations to come.

To this end, we rely on independent professional firms to help us comply with our compliance policy.


Our clients are the cornerstone of our company and for this reason, we base the fundamental aim of our company on offering them the best possible service, guaranteeing 24-hour assistance and the possibility of resolving incidents efficiently and quickly. We seek to offer the best and in the best possible way, taking care of every last detail.

Every day we strive with the ultimate goal of continuous improvement so that we are always your first choice.

Our clients’ opinion of us is, in turn, paramount for our continued improvement so we are always available to listen by phone or through our contact form to any feedback that clients want to share with us.


Viroque Energy has a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the import sector having previously worked with the majority of wholesale oil operators in Spain which guarantees our ability to offer the best possible service to our clients.

Our team

Speed and Solutions

Viroque Energy has a professional structure that allows us to make decisions efficiently and quickly to guarantee the excellence of our service while ensuring the highest level of corporate governance and best practices.

Our goal is to offer the greatest possible agility in our decisions and efficiency in our operations by working in close coordination with our clients.

Diversified Team

We are a diverse multinational company with employees from different countries. We leverage the diversity of our team to achieve all our objectives of excellence in everything we do.

Motivation and Work-life Balance

We understand that our employees are looking for a job that provides them with continuous motivation and contributes to the organisation while having time for themselves and allowing them to achieve a good work-life balance.