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Compliance Culture

Our company prioritizes the compliance culture within all our business related-activities. By implementing internal policies and procedures, we mitigate the risk of misconduct and encourage a transparent and accountable operation in all areas of the company, identifying, assessing and managing legal and ethical risks in real time.
Viroque Energy’s Compliance Department is the guardian of the integrity of our organization, ensuring that the internal team perform their job according to the highest legal and ethical standards.

“Our mission is to ensure that every action we take, every operation we put in motion and deal we lead worldwide reflect our core values -Our business philosophy- contributing to the sustainability of the industry, the well-being of both the community and our team, while exceeding the milestones of our company.”

- Joaquin Valcarce Lledó, CEO

Transparency & Business Ethics

Compliance Policy

Our Compliance Policy covers all the organization’s activities, from financial management to customer and supplier relations. Its scope is comprehensive, ensuring that all operations are carried out within the established legal and ethical frameworks.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our code of Ethics and Conduct establishes the fundamental principles that guide our business behavior, including honesty, integrity and respect. These values are the foundation of our corporate culture and guide to our activity.

Commitment & Leadership Document

Our document details our firm commitment and a rigorous adherence to regulations. Through this document, we show our proactive leadership and our aim to lead with integrity, implementing best practices in all business areas of our organization.

Head of Compliance

Antonio Palazón

"The Compliance culture is the fundamental pillar of our organization, driving us towards integrity and success in all our operations"

Lawyer and Compliance Officer with a vast experience in Compliance System Management.
His specialized academic background in this regard due to several participations in programs at Universidad Complutense of Madrid, continuous learning courses at ASCOM- Asociación Española de Compliance and constant related-certifications such as CESCOM, demonstrate his practical skills in the field, especially in the creation and implementation of Corporate Codes of ethics and conduct, communication channels, AML prevention strategy, among others.
At Viroque Energy, Antonio oversees the Legal and Compliance Department. His expertise providing legal assistance, plus his orientation to work towards a coherent and transparent operation within the company and stakeholders are valuable approaches to position the company as a role model in the field and The Energy Sector.

Communication Channel

Our Ethical Channel provides our employees a secure and confidential platform designed as a reporting tool, where they can notify possible breaches related to the code of ethics and conduct, policies and procedures, among other events that may affect the operation and the work environment within the company.
This Channel was design as a safe and reliable way of communication, fostering a culture of transparency, respect and coherence throughout the organization.

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