Audited company

We Meet the Highest Ethical Standards

Our goal is to reaffirm our firm commitment towards abiding strictly with regulations intended to prevent and combat corruption. This commitment involves applying the principles established in the Code of Ethics and Conduct, extending its scope not only to the workers of the companies in which we have direct or indirect control, but also our commercial partners.

Compliance Policy: Our Commitment with Transparency and Business Ethics

We Reject All Forms of Corruption, Applying a Zero Tolerance Policy Towards any Non-Compliance with this Policy.

Full commitment: Leadership and Fulfilment in Compliance

Discover our focus dedicated to leadership and fulfilment in compliance. Our document details our firm commitment to a rigorous adherence to regulations, highlighting the importance of ethics and responsible behaviour in all our operations. Through this document, we show our proactive leadership by implementing and promoting fulfilment practices in every aspect of our organisation. We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards and leading with integrity in fulfilment of all applicable regulations.

Communication Channel

The communication channel of our organisation is a safe and confidential way to report any irregular or unethical conduct or conduct that goes against our policies. This mechanism guarantees transparency and responsibility by offering members of our community a space where they can express concerns without fear of retaliation. The importance of this channel resides in its ability to strengthen our culture of integrity, allowing for a diligent response in the event of different problems and contributing to the maintenance of an ethical and professional environment. Its existence underlines our commitment towards honesty, justice, and continuous improvement.