At your service 24 hours a day

We are an operator of oil, gas and electricity products in Spanish and Portuguese territory at the forefront of service and specialized in GOA, GoB and 95 and 98 gasoline as well as LNG gas.

At Viroque Energy we offer a permanent service to our clients, guaranteeing always in stock at EXOLUM and a competitive price thanks to our own importation of all our products.

Professionalism and Service

Our professionalism and 24-hour service capacity allows us to create solid alliances with our clients, guaranteeing their satisfaction.

International benchmark

We are a national and international benchmark in the hydrocarbons sector. We have a powerful infrastructure of contracts with oil operators around the world that allow us to import shipments and always ensure supplies to our clients with the ability to resolve any incident effectively and with guarantees.

Products that stand out for the quality of their service.

We sell mainly 95 and 98 Petrol, type A and B automotive diesel as well as bio diesel, HVO and Ethanol to blend fuel products, all under a commitment to sustainability and respect for the planet. We provide petrol and automotive diesel services to independent petrol stations that are not backed by the large cooperatives and transport companies.

Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our clients.

Compliance and Transparency

At Viroque Energy we have a state-of-the-art compliance department with the aim of guaranteeing improvements in the company’s procedures and management, anticipating any possible adversity inherent to the sector and raw materials and mitigating any type of additional risk.

We seek to ensure compliance with ethical standards, laws and regulations in all areas of our corporation.